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Daniel Ángel Romero Senior editor

Sonar3 is a program that aids writers in keeping track of their manuscript submissions. Using this program, the users can find out at any time which story was sent to which market, which of them has been sold or rejected, and which ones have not changed their status for a long time.
You can also avoid common errors, like submitting a story to a market that has rejected it already.

You can populate the program’s database with your own markets, stories, and submissions, and then use the program to track your work by filtering the listings according to your preferred criteria. You can, of course, edit or delete markets, works, and submissions to keep your database updated.

Sonar3 allows you to convert databases created in Sonar2. It includes advanced search functions that will allow you to instantly find the submission you want. You can print the list you obtained filtered according to your preferences. The program is also capable of backing up your entire database at any moment, saving it as a compressed zip file onto your hard disk. Finally, it will help you when submitting your works by mail by printing the necessary labels.


  • It is free.
  • It allows you to enter as many details as you want.


  • None.
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trusted DOWNLOAD 659 KB

What's new in version 3.0

New features include the following:

* Can be installed and run alongside Sonar 2
* Import Sonar2 data without messing up the original
* Load, use, save as many different databases as you want
* 'Stories' now called 'works', so non-fic writers can use the prog
* You can double-click entries in any list to view details
* Colour coded result lines
* Text fields now have unlimited length - guidelines, comments, feedback, etc
* List subs by work AND by market (e.g. a list of everything sent to F&SF)
* All lists can be sorted - including by date
* All forms are resizable
* Now written in .NET 2.0
* Entire project stored in a single XML data file
* Automatic daily backups

Publisher's description

Sonar is a manuscript submission tracking program, and I wrote it because I was going nuts keeping track of short story submissions. This program tells me which market has each story, whether a story has been sold or rejected and which stories are gathering dust instead of earning their keep. If you decide to use it, you will be able to view a list of all your stories and then filter them in various ways (e.g. only show stories which are available to send out). You can add markets, stories and submissions and best of all it's completely free!

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    Guest 3 months ago

    When I installed AVG detected several threats including trojan horse. Not worth the price of admission!

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      David Carpenter 3 months ago

      Thank you for the report, dear Guest. The built-in check for viruses at Software Informer has detected that Sonar3 is clean. Kindly specify the antivirus you make use of. Also, while installing a program, please be more carefu.